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120 Over the Top

And why not? It’s Thanksgiving, and this multicourse meal—including smoked-sable tartare with beets and watercress; roast turkey with black-truffle butter and white-wine gravy; chestnut, leek, and apple stuffing; parsnip purée with sautéed Brussels sprouts leaves; roasted sweet-potato rounds with garlic oil and fried sage; wild-mushroom bundles; celery apple granita; and spiced-pumpkin soufflés with bourbon molasses sauce—is as dramatic as it gets.

136 Come Together

If you think most holiday gravies are pretty much the same, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this red-chile gravy. And by adobo turkey; chipotle meatballs; mango pomegranate guacamole; corn-bread and chorizo stuffing; sweet-potato coconut purée; lattice apple pie with Mexican brown sugar—and, well, everything else in this Latino-inspired menu.
We mean it. You really can prepare a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings—carrot fennel soup; turkey with pan gravy; sage stuffing; cranberry tangerine conserve; haricots verts with bacon and chestnuts; roasted potatoes and shallots; and cider-poached apples with candied walnuts, rum cream, and cider syrup—in just four hours.

158 Harvest’s Home

Put the feast (and the thanks) back into a vegetarian Thanksgiving with this Mediterranean-inspired menu that includes artichokes braised in lemon and olive oil; mushroom and farro pie; kohlrabi and mâche salad; parmesan-roasted butternut squash; cranberry sauce with dates and orange; pumpkin tart with anise-seed crust; and more.

36 Wine Advice

With 30 wines to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty to toast this year.

180 The Last Touch

The innovations don’t have to stop on Thanksgiving Day. Here are some leftover turkey recipes you’ll love.
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24 Fresh

When you’re finished with that takeout container, it will self-destruct … Las Vegas gambles on a $267 steak … is that an iceberg in your vodka and tonic?
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26 Belfast Dines Out on the Good Times

It must be the luck of the Irish, because this has become a serious restaurant town.
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32 Words to Drink By

Reading up on the classics—cocktails, that is. Plus: a rye toast … red and white wines for $15 or less.
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38 A City Puts on Its Game Face

A local updates us on the latest food (a love of pork) and drink (city-made booze) trends in Portland, Oregon.
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