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Ferran Adrià in Concert

A 35-course El Bulli tasting menu inspires a groundbreaking musical work.
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Restaurants Now: Raspa & Wine

(SPAIN) - Since late spring, there’s been an added attraction: The hotel bar has been renamed Raspa & Wine, outfitted with new furnishings, and given an irresistible new menu of, as we say in the States, “little plates.”...
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Restaurants Now: The Boundary

(LONDON) - Sir Terence Conran gets back in the game with a new, spectacular complex in East London.
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Restaurants Now: Fishhh!

(BARCELONA) - Always have a bite of buttered bread before you eat a raw oyster, says Luís De Buen; that way you’ll never get an upset stomach.
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Restaurants Now: Emporio

(NEW YORK) - I hate the menu at the new sort-of-Roman downtown restaurant called Emporio—hate it because choosing just a few things from it is all but impossible.
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Nespresso Junkie

The best espresso in America doesn’t come from a café or a stovetop machine—it comes from a foil capsule.
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Italy: Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica

(ITALY) - Okay, I admit it: The name scared me a little.
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Spanish Wine, French Price Tag

Spain is full of great-value wines, but there’s also the occasional overpriced bottle from a little-known region.

It’s up to You, New York, New York

If timing is everything, this seems like one odd moment for serious—and pricey—new restaurants to be debuting around Manhattan.
April 2009
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Restaurants Now: Le Safari

(NICE, ITALY) - The wood-burning oven at this place produces a perfect pie: The crust is thin, with irregular blisters and blackened spots, and as flavorful as country bread.
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