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having a grand time

October 2009

Having a
Grand Time
Here’s the deal: We offered some of our favorite restaurant critics a theoretical $1,000 to spend dining out in their home city. In considering how they would use their funny money, which had to cover meals for two, drinks, tax, and tip, these professional omnivores cast a spotlight on their own proclivities, as well as on the thrilling diversity of their respective cities.

New York City: Ruth Reichl
Los Angeles: S. Irene Virbila
New Orleans: Brett Anderson
Chicago: William Rice
Washington, D.C.: Tom Sietsema
San Francisco: Patricia Unterman
October 2009
hot dog

What’s Your Favorite Hot Dog?

We asked an eclectic cast of characters to name their preferred frankfurter and ended up with an excellent guide—from the classic to the newfangled, and no tofu pup in between.
October 2009
restaurants worth the money

Restaurants Worth the Money

We’ve searched the country high and low (and everywhere in between) and come up with this guide to great places for spending your hard-earned cash
October 2009
a to z sweepstakes

A to Z Sweepstakes

Enter to win a chance to visit New York and spend a day in the Gourmet Test Kitchen.

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Ruth’s Favorite October Recipes

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