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86 Cucina Paradiso

This Tuscan-inspired meal is full of pristine ingredients and bold flavors—balsamic-marinated Treviso radicchio with fresh ricotta; grilled sausage-stuffed calamari; fresh pasta with crabmeat, peas, and chile; grilled lamb chops with porcini mustard; and melon with basil-lime granita—that will sweep you off your feet.
When a different kind of valley girl returns to Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley in search of the best Chinese food in America, she finds that there are great new restaurants—and that her old favorites have endured. Recipe on page 107.

108 Hot and Sweet

As soon as your guests try scallop ceviche with “tiger’s milk”; quinoa salad with fresh hearts of palm; chicken in chile sauce; and a dulce de leche torte, they’ll immediately understand the captivating allure of Peruvian cuisine.
When dusk settles on the farmers markets in France’s Dordogne region, the area’s artisanal purveyors don’t pack up their produce and head home—they prepare dinner.
Recipes on page 123.
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73 Quick Kitchen

Flank steak with bitter greens and charred red onion; penne with sun-dried tomatoes and arugula; and tortilla chicken drumsticks. Plus seven more recipes that can be prepared in 45 minutes active time or less.

79 One or Two for Dinner

Parmesan pain perdu with poached eggs and greens for two; and mussels in watercress cream just for you.
Solutions for hectic weeknights.

81 Vegetarian Tonight

We’re on a roll with tofu and a sweet-and-savory dipping sauce.
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134 Lamb chop talk … a chat about chicken livers … perusing some Peruvian ingredients.
Magazine / The Last Touch
134 It’s the stuff of dumpling dreams: wrappers filled with sweet (Indian sweet coconut) and savory (panfried potato, onion, and cheese) surprises.
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18 Fresh

The best way to get from one great food city to another just might be by sea.
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