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26 Roadfood

An exclusive book excerpt: 20 burgers to eat before it’s too late.
How to make "The Ultimate Burger" and top it off with your own ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, and bun. Recipes begin on page 40.
Instead of using the grill to cook only the centerpiece of your meal, why not also use it to add that smoky flavor to salads and pastas? Eggplants, tomatoes, mushrooms—even clams and avocados—are just a few of the ingredients that can be grilled and ready to go when you want to create an easy summer meal. Recipes begin on page 49.

64 Fiesta Forever

When restaurateur and Latin-cooking authority Maricel Presilla throws a party, she thinks big. Really big: grilled beef and pork taquitos; pan-roasted shrimp; hibiscus coolers; Salvadoran grilled corn; cheese arepas; slab bacon adobo; Argentinean grilled beef short ribs with red chimichurri; plus 17 more recipes. Wine Advice is on page 73.
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56 Quick Kitchen

Peach-lacquered chicken wings; Greek-style mahimahi; and toasted orzo with saffron and fennel can each be prepared in 15 minutes active time or less. Plus five more recipes.
Solutions for hectic weeknights.

62 One or Two for Dinner

Chicken with bacon over egg fried rice for two; and shrimp and “pearls” just for you.

63 Vegetarian Tonight

Bulgur salad finds itself sandwiched between grilled portabella mushrooms.
Magazine / Kitchen Notebook
102 The “leaping frog” technique will take your chicken-flattening skills to a new low … beef short ribs and filet mignon bring serious sizzle to the grill … why you’ll soon be cooking with dried avocado leaves, prickly pears, and cactus paddles.
Magazine / The Last Touch
110 Herein lies the rub—for pork, beef, lamb, and chicken.
Magazine / Good Living

24 Fresh

Restaurants take to tofu … join the cowpool … could the guy next door be a biohacker?
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32 Liquid Smoke

You really shouldn’t worry too much about smoke getting in your eyes because we’ve got a bigger problem: Why are bartenders hell-bent on putting it into your cocktail?
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