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34 A Taste of June

Grilled filet mignon looks awfully pretty topped with pickled vegetables.

34 It Ain’t Necessarily So …

The best way to deal with flare-ups when you are grilling is to squirt the flames with water. Fact or fiction?
Quick & Easy Korean Cooking by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee. Plus a recipe for seasoned fried chicken.

36 A Taste of Tofu

To really understand the food of Japan, you can’t do better than attend a class taught by the culinary equivalent of a Zen master. Recipe on page 37.
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42 X Marks the Spot

It’s not easy to get to Isle au Haut, a remote island near Maine. But chocolate lovers think it’s well worth the trip.
Why would anyone spend time fishing for gangly cephalopods (at night, no less)?
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46 A few of our favorite things.
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88 The Fortunate Isles

Not far off the coast of England lies an archipelago of 56 islands that resemble a long-lost rural idyll. Welcome to Scilly, the England time forgot. Recipe on page 108.
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96 Smoke and Miracles

At Etxebarri, in the small Basque mountain town of Axpe, chef Bittor Arguinzoniz is reinventing grilling.
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