48 Proof of Your Love

Gift ideas for the cocktailian on your list …

51 Perfect Pairings for a Partridge

Or give the gift of wine: red, white, sparkling, or by the box.
Magazine / Cooking

54 A Taste of December

A traditional Christmas dessert gets a trifle updated.

54 It Ain’t Necessarily So

You should time the cooking of roasts by figuring on “x” number of minutes per pound. Fact or fiction?
Magazine / Travel

60 Getting to Know Him

This author loved the boyhood summers he spent visiting his grandfather in Hong Kong. Yet on a recent visit, he started to wonder if he’s just afflicted with a bout of romantic nostalgia for a place he never really knew.

68 Affairs to Remember

Incredible new hotels in Florence, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Magazine / Design and Style

74 Many Metals Gleaming

Gift ideas that you’ll really take a shine to.
Magazine / Obsessions
76 A few of our favorite holiday things.
Magazine / Travel

154 A Winter’s Tale

In Tohoku, a rural area north of Tokyo, there’s a culinary world at the edges, one that goes way beyond sushi, teriyaki, and tempura.
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