Francis Lam

Photograph by Kevin Demaria

When he finally decided to do it, Francis decided he would get three tattoos, one for each of the things most important in the world: food, art, and love.

"But what about politics? What about justice?" he later fretted.

His friend said, "My politics all come out of love."

And so he stuck to the three tattoo plan.

Before he was telling you about his tattoos, Francis worked with nonprofit organizations and taught writing and literature to students in the woods. He graduated from the University of Michigan and the Culinary Institute of America, and makes the meanest ratatouille.

Francis Lam on

food + cooking

Set it On Fire, Part Two

Cherries Jubilee was the most beautiful thing I’d ever made, and I was going to make my last one count.
food + cooking

Set it On Fire, Part One

Or, Fire is Totally So Hot: A lament for the lost art of the tableside flambé.
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Street Food at Home

It started as a story about watching people cook, but it turned into a study in mentors and protégés.

Sweet Life

Two L.A. chefs explore the world, street (food) by street (food), and put together one wild brunch.
October 2009
food + cooking

I’m One of the Aces in the Business

Over and over, I would hear stories of Biloxi fishermen getting out of the water, doubtful of the future. But Frank Parker’s got no worries.
food + cooking

Before the People and the Po’ Boys

Before I felt a Southern welcome, before meeting and eating with people filled with rich stories, all I knew of Biloxi was that it was a disaster.
food + cooking

The Teacher and Her Cannoli

Good intentions and the memory of fantastic cannoli aren’t quite enough to get fans to sign up for Italian cooking classes.
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Thai Park Edition

Even in summer, you’re not going to confuse Berlin with Thailand. But maybe the Preuβenpark can give an approximation.
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Currywurst Edition

Anything that marries a German wurst with curry has to be awesome, right?
food + cooking

Cutting Room Floor: The Last Chinese BBQ Edition

There are many stories that didn’t find their way into the piece on Ho Ho BBQ in the August issue of the magazine. Here are a few of them.
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