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Lillet Champagne Cocktail

By the time we published this recipe, Lillet had been around for nearly 200 years.
January 1979

Pimento Cordial (Allspice Cordial)

An important ingredient in several Tiki drinks, it also plays well with apple flavors and brown spirits.
September 1977

Lemon Champagne

In a decade overflowing with Champagne cocktails, it’s nice to find one with some character.
September 1977

Combinación Boadas Bar (Gin and Vermouth Cocktail)

A sweet martini with a bit of Curaçao and Amer Picon (or its substitute) from one of Barcelona’s best bars.
December 1977

Ambrosia Arnaud’s

Is this the drink of the gods? We’ll leave that to the scholars, but if Sappho walked into Arnaud’s this is what she’d order.
May 1976

Lemon Mint Fizz

When life gives you lemons, go get some mint and rum and mix up a batch of these refreshing cocktails.
August 1976

Orange Bavaroise

A sweet and orangey concoction brought to France in the 18th century and to our readers in the 20th.
January 1975

Pink Russian

Grapefruit and Campari are a classic combination, but shouldn’t this be called a Pink Russo-Italian? Or a Pinko-Italian?
August 1975

Vermouth Cocktail

Lighter isn’t necessarily better, but this drink is both light and satisfying.
August 1974

Cola de Lagarto (Wine and Vodka Cocktail)

Wine cocktails come and go, but like the tail of the lizard for which it’s named, this drink will really grow on you.
December 1974
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