1970s Recipes + Menus

Combinación Boadas Bar (Gin and Vermouth Cocktail)

December 1977
    Boadas was opened in Barcelona in 1933 by Miguel Boadas, who had worked at Havana’s Floridita. It’s still one of Barcelona’s best cocktail destinations. Amer Picon is not currently available in the U.S., but Torani makes a version they call simply “Amer” that is available by mail order.

    In a mixing glass stir together 1 jigger each of gin and sweet vermouth, 3 dashes each of Curaçao and Amer Picon, 1 dash of Angostura bitters, and 3 ice cubes. Strain the mixture into a highball glass, chilled, and add ice, if desired. Garnish the drink with a sprig of mint and a twist of lemon peel. Makes 1 drink.
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