If timing is everything, this seems like one odd moment for serious—and pricey—new restaurants to be debuting around Manhattan.
The best roast-beef sandwich on earth.
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26 Green Fairy Tales

Absinthe has a misinformation quotient at least as high as its usual alcohol content of 60 to 70 percent. So if you’re looking for the truth, you’ve come to the right place.
Magazine / Drinks

28 Wine Advice

Chardonnays for Easter and Kosher reds for Passover.
At The Agrarian Kitchen, a paddock-to-plate cooking school, you really learn everything there is to know about pork preparation.

33 A Taste of April

A honey of an Easter ham that can help you create six incredible dishes.

33 It Ain’t Necessarily So

If you add salt to beans at the beginning of cooking, they’ll be tough. Fact or fiction?
Magazine / Politics

46 No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

When the Red Cloud Indian School was founded in 1888, the center of its identity was the ability to feed its people. Today, school officials are trying to get back to the future and create a new approach to children’s nutrition.
Magazine / Kitchen

50 Hide and Seek

A kitchen remodel that will have you asking, “Where’s the kitchen?”
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51 A few of our favorite things.
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