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dulce de leche cookies
Magazine / Features

132 Comfort and Joy

Jumbo shrimp in dill butter; a pork roast stuffed with winter fruits; cauliflower crowned with rye crumbs; a rainbow of roasted carrots; kale and potato purée; an opulent 12-layer chocolate, espresso, and hazelnut cake; and lots more. Sounds like the makings of an elegant Christmas dinner to us.
Potato latkes and zucchini latkes (with apple chutney) are welcome at any Hanukkah party, and this time they’ve brought some friends: egg salad with lemon and fennel; smoked salmon with horseradish cream; endive and escarole salad with mustard-orange vinaigrette; and blackberry walnut cookies.

162 Out of Sight

These holiday cookies—including chocolate hazelnut cookies; orange pistachio crescents; dulce de leche half-moons; glittering lemon sandwich cookies; and mini churros—are so fanciful and so beautiful, it’s almost a shame to eat them. Almost.

172 Merry Morning

On Christmas Day (or any day, for that matter), this brunch has something for everyone: pomegranate Mimosas; baked egg custard with Gruyère; scalloped oven-browned potatoes; maple and black-pepper bacon; and cranberry vanilla coffeecake.

84 Full House

Your guests are settled in, comfortable, and hungry. These hearty dishes—beef stew with potatoes and carrots; chipotle chicken tortilla soup; and more—will definitely keep them happy.

52 Holiday Wine Advice

Champagnes, New Zealand Rieslings, Barossa Valley Shiraz, and dessert Muscats. Plus kosher Chardonnays and dessert wines.
Magazine / Good Living

30 Fresh

Does that come in organic? A personal shopper—for groceries … restaurants that want you to drink from the tap … giving the gift of fruitcake to our troops.
Magazine / Restaurants

32 Bold Strokes from the Kitchen

Lydia Shire likes strong flavors, oversize portions, and attention-getting combinations. Is it any wonder then that she wants you to eat food that makes you feel a bit naughty?
Hell’s Kitchen is like a little piece of heaven on earth.
Magazine / Drinks

46 To Your Health

Whiskey goes green (it’s not what you think) …

48 Proof of Your Love

Gift ideas for the cocktailian on your list …

51 Perfect Pairings for a Partridge

Or give the gift of wine: red, white, sparkling, or by the box.
Magazine / Cooking

54 A Taste of December

A traditional Christmas dessert gets a trifle updated.

54 It Ain’t Necessarily So

You should time the cooking of roasts by figuring on “x” number of minutes per pound. Fact or fiction?
Magazine / Travel

60 Getting to Know Him

This author loved the boyhood summers he spent visiting his grandfather in Hong Kong. Yet on a recent visit, he started to wonder if he’s just afflicted with a bout of romantic nostalgia for a place he never really knew.

68 Affairs to Remember

Incredible new hotels in Florence, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Magazine / Design and Style

74 Many Metals Gleaming

Gift ideas that you’ll really take a shine to.
Magazine / Obsessions
76 A few of our favorite holiday things.
Magazine / Travel

154 A Winter’s Tale

In Tohoku, a rural area north of Tokyo, there’s a culinary world at the edges, one that goes way beyond sushi, teriyaki, and tempura.
Magazine / Gourmet Everyday

93 Quick Kitchen

Nine recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes active time or less.
What a sweet idea: Baklava shows its savory side.

118 Ten-Minute Mains

Solutions for hectic weeknights.

123 One or Two for Dinner

Asian chicken hot pot with dipping sauces for two; and ravioli with green beans and prosciutto just for you.
Magazine / Kitchen Notebook
180 Jim Lahey, of New York City’s Sullivan St. Bakery, shows you how to make a panettone—in just 20 minutes active time.
Recipe on page 187.
Magazine / The Last Touch
199 Let’s get this party started. Hors d’oeuvres that will do just that.
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