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37 Under the Dome

You probably use your grill all summer long, but you may still be missing out on one very rewarding—and very easy—technique. Two masters show you the light.
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76 Sear Delight

Everybody loves Italian, and everybody loves to grill. So you know you’ll wow any crowd with recipes—including grilled pancetta-wrapped asparagus; caramelized-onion and Gorgonzola grilled pizza; and veal chops with arugula and basil salad—when you combine the two. Plus, there’s a stracciatella tortoni cake with espresso fudge sauce for dessert.

90 Serious Pig

Using a pork shoulder roast is a simple way to create your own North Carolina pulled-pork barbecue. And while the only adornment a pulled-pork sandwich usually needs is coleslaw, we thought we’d also add okra cornmeal fritters; creamed corn; Jerusalem artichoke pickles; strawberry pie with whipped cream; peach ice cream; and more.
These killer grilled kebabs—shrimp tikka with fresh mango chutney; chicken, mushroom, and bok choy; steak, tomato, and okra; miso-glazed tuna; and more—draw inspiration from around the globe.

86 Oh, Yes, Guadalajara Will Do

Despite the city’s near-total lack of a culinary reputation, the casual restaurants of Guadalajara have deep-running roots and delicious food.
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63 Quick Kitchen

Grilled pork chops; mango-blueberry “fool”; Italian bread salad; plus more recipes that can be prepared in 20 minutes active time or less.

68 Ten-Minute Mains

The ideal solutions for hectic weeknights.

69 One or Two For Dinner

Crab cakes for two; and a steak-house dinner just for you.

70 Vegetarian Tonight

A veggie burger with bite—and some lime mayonnaise.
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115 A great pulled-pork sandwich starts with the meat, so you’ll want to know your pork butt from your Boston butt and your picnic ham. Plus: a few practical pulled-pork tools … why you should pound a veal chop … and two steps that lead to perfect brownies—every time.
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128 Brownie Points

An old favorite gets even better when you add these brownie recipes to your repertoire.
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