nyc street vendor guide

Vendor Power

Becoming a street-food vendor is a time-honored road to success—but sometimes you need a helping hand to figure out the ropes.

A Few of Our Favorite Street-Food Recipes:

kimchi quesadillas

Kimchi quesadillas

If you’ve been following Kogi BBQ-To-Go tweets but haven’t been quick enough to find the truck, these fusion quesadillas should satisfy your cravings.

Turkish Lamb Kebabs

The ground Urfa and Maras peppers in this complex-tasting yet easy-to-make dish are flavorful without being fiery.

tongue tacos

tongue tacos

If you’ve ever ordered tacos de lengua from your favorite Mexican restaurant, then you know how flavorful tongue can be. Here, tongue is simmered with lots of aromatics to produce wonderfully moist, tender bits of meat.

corn dogs

Corn Dogs

Grilling these hot dogs before frying lends them a deeper, smokier flavor, and the buttermilk-cornmeal coating fries up to a thick, fluffy shell—delicious with mustard or ketchup and a frosty root beer on the side.

jamaican beef dumplings

jamaican beef dumplings

Surprisingly quick to make, these crisp, spicy Jamaican dumplings will disappear off the plate even faster.

mango shrimp summer rolls

Mango Shrimp Summer Rolls

To achieve perfect layers in your rolls, carefully arrange each ingredient and wrap the rice paper tightly.


Grilled Tamales with Poblanos and Fresh Corn

Tamales—meat or vegetable fillings surrounded by masa dough and steamed in softened corn-husk packets—are a Latin American staple, and this rendition cleverly showcases corn in three distinct forms.

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