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Matthew Amster-Burton writes frequently for,, Seattle Magazine, and the Seattle Times. He is the author of Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father’s Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater, and his work has been featured in the Best Food Writing anthology multiple times. Find him online at

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Restaurants Now: Tavern Law

(Seattle) — Pouring everything from fizzes to flips, this brand-new speakeasy keeps the focus on good, old-fashioned liquids.
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Cooking Asian Food at Home

Why don’t more people try their hand at Asian cuisine? It might have something to do with high school French class.
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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in Seattle

From hot dogs to Thai food to tacos of all (well, at least two) nations, you don’t need to step indoors to have lunch or dinner covered.
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Fried Chicken Worth Stripping For

My first experience with Korean fried chicken brought out the animal—or was it the baby?—in me.
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Hi-Chew: Better than a Real Mango?

This Japanese candy captures the true flavor of the tropical fruit.
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The Vietnamese Frappuccino

I recently invented a simple, delicious new recipe for blended iced coffee. But I couldn’t be the first to have thought of it, could I?
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Korean Tacos Come in off the Street

It all started with Kogi BBQ, the Los Angeles taco truck with the cult following. Now Korean tacos are taking other cities by storm—and your home kitchen could be next....
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Chris Bianco’s Pizza Philosophy

For the chef-owner of Phoenix’s famed Pizzeria Bianco, making pies offers a measure of control over the universe—but not so much that things get boring.
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Stir-Fried Potatoes?

This Sichuan preparation renders the familiar tuber almost unrecognizable—in a very good way.
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Seattle: Anchovies & Olives

(SEATTLE) - Who could resist ordering sausage-stuffed red mullet?
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