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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in Chicago

Even though Chicago has all sorts of ancient and prohibitive street-food laws— food trucks, carts and, yes, even hot dog vendors are rarely seen—there are still some soulful dishes being...
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Restaurants Now: XOCO

(Chicago) - Rick Bayless opened this homage to Mexican street food right next door to his other restaurants, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo.
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Restaurants Now: Jam

Unusual fare like pork-belly-and-plum sandwiches and asparagus soup with apricot cream are served at this casual breakfast and lunch spot.
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The Rebirth of Simone Beck

Now that she’s a character in the movie Julie and Julia, a forgotten co-author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking may once again stir up some interest among foodies....
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Back to Basics in Chicago

There’s a fresh new breeze blowing through restaurants in the Windy City—and it’s leaving very little in its wake.
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Restaurants Now: Nightwood

(CHICAGO) - It has all the makings of a perfect neighborhood restaurant: A terribly charming and adorable staff, a prime corner location right down the street from the hood’s best bar (Skylark), and a gorgeous, semi-rustic dining room that seems to...
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Eight Great Dumplings in Chicago

With Polish, Ethiopian, and East Asian enclaves all over the city—and, if you look hard enough, a Jewish deli or two—Chicagoans have no problem when it comes to getting stuffed on stuffed...
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Chicago: Taxim

(CHICAGO) - There are certain food trends that seem to skip right over Chicago. Until Taxim opened, Nuevo-Greek appeared to be one of them.
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Chicago: Sunda

(CHICAGO) - Sunda can pack over 200 guests into its whimsical, sexy dining room. And yet even a restaurant of this size, and with these good looks, can’t compete with the attention garnered by its proprietor Billy Dec....
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Restaurants Now: Hoosier Mama Pie Shop

(CHICAGO) - It may be a bit hellish out in the world right now, but inside this pie shop you feel like you’re in the happiest place on Earth.
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