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Mondavi + America’s Wine Problem

The late vintner helped transform this country into the world’s largest market for wine. So why do so few Americans bother drinking it?
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The Lord is My Chef

Fall on your knees, and hear the angel voices, for here are three cookbooks that give new meaning to the term “kitchen bible.”
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Fear Cuisine

During the Depression, comfort food meant marshmallow-spiked salads. What culinary disasters will the current economic crisis bring?
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Why Does America Hate Ratatouille?

Made from some of the season’s best produce, the dish should be a summer staple—but our national aversion to it runs deep.
food politics

Campaign Cookies

Candidates’ wives are high-level political operatives without a lot of free time. So why do we expect them to don aprons and bake?
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Where Are the Women?

A look at why so few female chefs have risen to the top of the restaurant scene.
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What Ever Happened to James Beard?

James Beard was a colossus in American cookery, and now he’s barely a memory. What happened?
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Dream Factories

The idea of a delicious, soul-nourishing meal that requires no work has long been a fantasy for women.
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Culinary Sanity

Food was nowhere near the heart of Peg Bracken’s greatness; what she gave the home cook was freedom.

Staying on Alone

They were a startling couple. But even today, nearly two years after Edna Lewis's death, Scott Peacock says that she still makes him the man—and the chef—that he is....
January 2008
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