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Fish House Punch

One of the oldest drink recipes around—it may be nearing 300—and still the recipe’s authenticity is in dispute.
July 1951

Gourmet’s Champagne Punch

This festive Champagne punch is the perfect wedding-party libation: It looks as beautiful as it tastes.
June 1959


A rare plaid drink, this snow cone of a cocktail uses seven different liqueurs AND a tablespoon of Cognac.
November 1959

Banana Daiquiri

The top banana, or at least the top banana daiquiri, originated on the island of St. Thomas.
June 1958

Yip Pip Cocktail

Lovers of classic cocktails bemoan the rise of the vodka Martini, but if you use good vermouth, this is actually quite delicious.
August 1952

Dunham Cooler

Orange juice tends to dominate whatever spirit it’s mixed with, but here the bourbon actually stands up to it.
July 1952

Ramos Fizz

This drink is all about texture, which is why it’s such a pain to make—it requires a full five minutes of vigorous shaking.
April 1952

Singapore Sling

The lime juice in this recipe is somewhat controversial—it was not part of the original formula—but trust us, the drink needs it.
August 1953


It sounds like a typical tiki drink, but the Zombie first became popular at the 1939 World’s Fair, in New York City.
August 1954

Ski Lift

Après ski, or anytime there’s a nip in the air, this citrusy hot toddy—made with bourbon or rye—will warm you up.
November 1955
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