1950s Recipes + Menus


November 1959
Not to be confused with the vodka, cranberry juice, and orange juice drink of the same name: This one really does look like a plaid. It’s a bizarre snow cone of a cocktail, a sort of precursor to the molecular-mixology movement. It’s much easier to execute if you have an ice shaver. After much thought, we finally ditched our rulers and compasses and gave up on an exact division of the ice dome into seven equal segments. Then we stumbled on an elegant solution, though we’re pretty sure it’s not what the original recipe intended.

Fill a Champagne coupe with a dome of firmly packed, finely shaved ice and mark the ice dome into 7 equal segments. Over them pour, one liqueur to a segment, a teaspoon each of the following in the order indicated: apricot liqueur, green Chartreuse, Bénédictine, crème de cassis, crème de cacao, anisette, and dark Curaçao. Over the top of the ice dome pour 1 tablespoon Cognac. Sip through straws, tasting each liqueur separately first, then stir the mixture and savor the blend.
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