buttermilk fantails
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62 Bowled Over

Three simple techniques will transform any good soup recipe (like, let’s say, Thai-style chicken soup with basil; curried-squash and red-lentil soup; or tortilla soup with chiles and tomatoes) into something downright magnificent.
The flavors of this meal—including mushroom strudel; paprika veal shanks; tiny dumplings with dill; roasted Brussels sprouts with caraway seeds; and apricot almond linzertorte—step nimbly from Budapest to Vienna and back again.
Wine advice on page 79.

80 Roll with It

Preparing a basket of fragrant homemade rolls doesn’t have to take all day. Beautiful buttermilk fantails, tender parmesan pull-aparts, and savory rye walnut rolls can each be prepared in just 45 minutes activetime or less.

96 Cooking Class

The least expensive cuts of meat tend to be the toughest. That’s where braising comes in handy. It makes frugality a true virtue—and a delicious one at that.
Recipe on page 108.
Valentine’s Day dinner in a romantic restaurant is the perfect place for a marriage proposal. Or maybe not.

88 Where Time Stands Still

An island with empty beaches, great home cooking, and an easygoing approach to life. Where do we sign up?
Recipe on page 102.
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55 Quick Kitchen

Fennel-rubbed pork tenderloin; butternut squash soup; cilantro-chipotle tilapia; plus five more recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes active time or less.

59 Ten-Minute Mains

Solutions for hectic weeknights.

60 Vegetarian Tonight

Polenta rounds out a noodle-less lasagne rich with mushrooms and seitan.

61 One or Two for Dinner

Steak and vegetable soup for two; and duck breast with frisée salad and Port vinaigrette just for you.
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26 A Viticultural Odyssey

Starting up a vineyard can be an expensive proposition. Doing it on an atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean isjust plain crazy.
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100 You could be only a few simple steps away from baking fresh-from-the-oven rolls … paprika gets pretty … we’ve never met a dumpling we didn’t like, and galushkas are no exception … the best way to tackle a terrine.
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