Essential Kitchen Gadgets Around the Globe

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Turkey: Yogurt-Making Machine

“There is a growing trend toward making mass-produced products at home [instead of buying them],” says Istanbul-based writer, photographer, and food stylist Cenk Sönmezsoy, author of the food and travel blog Cafe Fernando and now at work on his first cookbook. “Yogurt is a very important part of the Turkish cooking culture, so yogurt makers are quite popular nowadays.”

Uganda: Potato Masher

A potato masher is a key kitchen tool in Uganda and other East African countries, according to Jennie Taylor, who works for One Acre Fund, a nonprofit organization that aims to fight hunger by helping local farmers. The tool isn’t used for mashed spuds, though: “East Africans, particularly those in Uganda and Western Kenya, eat a lot of matoke,” a type of green banana that’s soaked, steamed, mashed, and then served with a sauce made with vegetables, ground nuts, and sometimes meat. “I make a spicy matoke that includes tomatoes, onions, garlic, green peppers, long green chiles, and pili pili [a type of chile], and add ground beef when I’m not cooking for a vegetarian crowd,” she says, adding that the masher is a time-saver that makes the bananas extra smooth.

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