Planter’s Punch

A restrained version of what has become a rather ornate cocktail. Sometimes simpler is better.
January 1973

Lemon Mint Fizz

When life gives you lemons, go get some mint and rum and mix up a batch of these refreshing cocktails.
August 1976

Punch au Lait de Coco (Coconut Milk Punch)

Pretend you’re in a little grass shack, now make some coconut milk, mix up a frothy glass of this punch, and listen to the waves.
March 1973

Caipirinha (Rum Sour)

Now that cachaça is easy to find, you can taste this cocktail as it was meant to be made.
December 1973

Suffering Bastard Trader Vic’s

Who doesn’t love a mondegreen cocktail name? Ghost town knee see… I mean, goes down easy, too.
May 1971

Green Tea Punch

We won’t weigh in on the health benefits of antioxidants, but we can strongly endorse the flavor of this punch.
June 1973

Fish House Punch

One of the oldest drink recipes around—it may be nearing 300—and still the recipe’s authenticity is in dispute.
July 1951

Blue Hawaii Kahala Hilton

Think Elvis. Think tiki torches. Think sand between your toes. If that doesn’t work, mix up one of these.
June 1969

Hibiscus Punch Emerald Beach Hotel

The perfect mixological metaphor for British Colonialism: A drink that combines rum and Pimm’s.
July 1968

Piña Colada

Have no fear, this is not the cloying drink of your youth. It’s a delicious and well-balanced tropical quaffer.
July 1968
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