1960s Recipes + Menus

Blue Hawaii Kahala Hilton

June 1969
    According to Jeff Berry’s excellent Sippin᾿ Safari, the Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by Harry K. Yee of the Hawaiian Village Hotel, in Waikiki, “at the behest of the Bols liquor company, which was looking for ways to boost sales of its blue curaçao liqueur.” Yee is also credited with initiating the use of a Vanda orchid as a drink garnish, a practice the Kahala adopted for this cocktail (though it left out the vodka, which Yee says is necessary; he also says the blue curacao has to be Bols).

    In the container of a blender blend together 1 1/4 ounces each of light rum and pineapple juice, 1 ounce each of blue Curacao and lemon juice, a small cube of fresh pineapple, and crushed ice. Pour the drink into a punch glass and garnish it with a cherry and a small wedge of fresh pineapple. Makes 1 drink.
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