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Cooking Schools: Experiential Cuisine

Will Goldfarb, the innovative pastry chef, can be as whimsical as he is chemically precise.
May 2008
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2 Guys: How to Make a Good Thing Better

Beer that’s been aged in a whisky cask has a deep viscosity and a velvety pour, and this stuff could keep a car running smooth for months.
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2 Guys, 3 Balls

…And a liver, some kidneys, and a heart.
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A Rooster’s Wake-Up Call

It’s that “delicious, spicy taste,” with its hint of exoticism, that sets Sriracha hot sauce apart.
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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Pig?

With this week's review of Barbuto in the New York Times, the hottest dish in Manhattan today is… roast chicken?
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Now You're Cooking With Power

The other day, our Web Editor handed me a copy of the anime-esque "Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends," a video game.
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Lined Up

Reynolds (as in, Reynolds Wrap) must have research somewhere that says I'm in some sort of purchasing minority in that 1) I don't generally want to cook my food in nylon and 2) I find slow cookers to be pretty easy to clean....
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The Endorsement: Fish for Breakfast

"What are you eating?" said my friend, entering the kitchen this morning. My mouth was full, and I didn't realize she had woken up yet.
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A Handy Guide to Pressing Your Own Cider

This timeless tradition gets some fresh attitude from Ian Knauer and Alan Sytsma, formerly known as's 2 Guys, in this column originally published in fall 2007...
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My Beef with Lam

This is the restaurant that has, in my Midwestern opinion, the best C–SHD available anywhere.
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