Now You're Cooking With Power

cooking mama

TThe other day, our Web Editor handed me a copy of the animé-esque "Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends," a video game for the Nintendo DS (the DS, for those not in the know, is like a souped-up Game Boy). Apparently, I missed Cooking Mama 1, and I haven't played this version (can you believe there's nary a Nintendo in the office?), but according to the back of the box, one can "create 80 new recipes including: chili dogs, escargot, shark fin soup, bananas foster, and many more!" Aside from the fact that that's a combination of dishes that sounds right at home on wd-50's tasting menu, I started wondering how much fun is cooking, really? It can be rewarding, sure, but is chopping an onion more fun than Mario?

I consulted the experts. Apparently, kids do want to cook;'s review calls the game "Charming and even a little humorous"-Hey! Just like a real dinner party at my house!

But even though she only looks about 9 years old, Mama had better increase her vocabulary to include some chef-like expletives if she's going to keep up with the competition: Turns out Gordon Ramsay is going to be getting into the fray with his own video game, based on his celebration of the f-word reality show, "Hell's Kitchen."

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