Lined Up


Reynolds (as in, Reynolds Wrap) must have research somewhere that says I'm in some sort of purchasing minority in that 1) I don't generally want to cook my food in nylon and 2) I find slow cookers to be pretty easy to clean. How else to explain their newest product, Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners? Even setting aside environmental issues and health concerns, I'm almost dumbfounded; this product just strikes me as completely useless. Can it be considered convenient if there's still a lid left to be cleaned (not to mention cutting boards, plates, and utensils)? Something like this just smacks less of convenience or progress and more of pandering to an assumed laziness in American cooking culture, the same thinking that brought us individually wrapped cheese singles and the Turkey Cannon. But I suppose if Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee can find an audience, so can these.

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