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Julia in France

We see the French Chef shop, bake, and buy in this recently rediscovered footage
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10 French Restaurants Across the U.S.A.

Our latest collaboration with BlogHer recommends where to eat and what to order to enjoy French fare sans fuss...
food + cooking

Vive la France!

Our Bastille Day bash includes a visit to Provence, a guide to French restaurants in the United States, and a puff pastry primer—plus a summery, buttery tart recipe
Gourmet Live
food + cooking

A Weekend in Provence

Eat your way through the Provence M.F.K. Fisher loved--Aix and the surrounding region--with your guide, Raphael Kadushin
food + cooking

Wine Tasting Along France's Loire

Ted Loos sips, sups, and sleeps his way down this iconic wine valley
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: The Meaning of Gourmet

Food historian Megan Elias digs through the archives and discovers the word gourmet has had multiple definitions, but always one true meaning
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Eight Great Places for Roast Chicken in Paris

Every since Diane Keaton swooned over the poulet rôti in Something’s Gotta Give, French fowl has been back in fashion.
chefs + restaurants

Le Fooding Bites the Big Apple

Gourmet’s European correspondent has seen Le Fooding change the way people think about food in France. What will happen when the French invade New York?
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A French Critic Looks at French Food

A lot has been written about the demise of this legendary cuisine, but what does an insider have to say about gastronomy in his own country?

It’s What’s for Dinner

Food critic François Simon would like you to know: A lot of people in Paris have just called out for pizza.
March 2001
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