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Southeast Asian Squash Curry

We love the many textures and flavors of this spicy coconut curry with butternut squash, spinach, and cashews.
October 2008

Curried-Pork Noodles

Fish sauce and curry powder form a flawless Southeast Asian duo that boldly punctuates this riff on Singapore-style noodles.
May 2008

Scrambled Eggs with Curry Leaves

Tony Tan embodies the best of culinary multiculturalism, as does his scrambled eggs with curry leaves, which uses the Indian ingredient ghee.
May 2008

Indian Shrimp Curry

You can tell this recipe hails from a tropical environment because of the way the first bite of chiles causes a light sweat to break out on your brow.
August 2008

Curried Carrot Almond Soup

This puréed soup is so velvety that it’s hard to believe it’s vegan. Its lushness comes from a surprising source—unsweetened almond milk.
February 2009
cookbook club

Coconut and Green Curry Sauce

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June 2008

Corn, Sweet Onion, and Squash Curry

Pristine vegetables pair with a Walla Walla sweet to make a versatile accompaniment for grilled pork chops and other meats.
February 2009
travel + culture

Hallo Berlin! Currywurst Edition

Anything that marries a German wurst with curry has to be awesome, right?

Curried Egg Salad

June 2005
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