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Measuring Up

What makes a memorable memoir is the ability to tell a story and illuminate truths. Three different chefs have done just that—with recipes, to boot.
October 2009
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Cucumber Kimchi (aka oi kimchi)

This recipe is at the intersection of the ease of quick pickling and the full-on flavor of a long-fermented kimchi.
October 2009
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The Lunchbox Auction

The Lunchbox Auction, which benefits hunger relief organizations, features one-of-a-kind lunchboxes designed by celebrities. Here’s a selection of a few of the finished works....
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Where Are the Women?

A look at why so few female chefs have risen to the top of the restaurant scene.

Pork-Belly Buns

We knew Chang was something special the minute we tasted his signature dish. He plays with the classic Chinese pork bun, retaining its pillowy wrapping, adding crisp cucumbers and scallions....
April 2008
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First Taste: Momofuku Ko

Halfway through dinner at the new Momofuku Ko it hits you: You will never eat dinner here again. “No phone. No favorites. No exceptions,” vows David Chang.
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Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: The Fine Fast Food

Who says fast food can’t be superb?
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The Dish: Kimchi with David Chang

Chef David Chang demonstrates his mom's recipe for kimchi.


Steamed Asian White Rice

Long-grain rice won’t do the trick here; short- and medium-grain have the perfect texture for the clay-pot chicken.
October 2007
david chang,

Clay-Pot Miso Chicken

Though this rich, intense, homey stew has the depth of a recipe handed down through generations, it's actually a modern interpretation.
October 2007
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