Black Forest Shooter

Enjoy this shot as an after-dinner drink or in place of dessert.
May 2008
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Drinks: The Golden Age of Spirits

Come along as we travel the globe to discover the exciting and flavorful world of spirits.
diary of a foodie

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie: Raising the Bar

What does it take to turn a run-of-the-mill beverage into an exceptional drink?

wine + spirits + beer

When Tom Met Jerry

Maybe every other barfly around has heard of the Tom & Jerry cocktail, but I’d never heard of it when I stumbled across a vat of it in the freezer.
wine + spirits + beer

The Great Tip-Off

A dollar? Two bucks? Zilch? The rules for tipping at bars are as subjective as a well-made Martini. sets the record straight.
wine + spirits + beer

Behold: The Bananimé

So what happens when you stick a bunch of circus peanuts into some cheap vodka and let it sit for a few days?
wine + spirits + beer

Tonic for a Twenty

The gin and tonic in the bar at Per Se is worth both the dollars and the inconvenience.

Beyond Shaken or Stirred: A Theory of Mixology

You don't have to be a rocket scientist—or a bartender—to create a cocktail recipe.
October 2003

Here’s How

To achieve bon vivant status, aspiring cocktailians need only follow the legendary Charles H. Baker Jr.’s mixological advice in Here’s How.
October 1942
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