favorite cocktails: champagne


Champagne Punch

Though punches were a staple of the magazine for years, this recipe is unusual for two things: Chambord and ginger ale.
June 1992

Lemon Champagne

In a decade overflowing with Champagne cocktails, it’s nice to find one with some character.
September 1977

Lillet Champagne Cocktail

By the time we published this recipe, Lillet had been around for nearly 200 years.
January 1979

Ambrosia Arnaud’s

Is this the drink of the gods? We’ll leave that to the scholars, but if Sappho walked into Arnaud’s this is what she’d order.
May 1976

Punch Carmen

A punch nearly as rococo and colorful as Carmen Miranda herself.
June 1973

French Breeze

There are too few cocktails made with Calvados. And there are too few cocktails made with grapefruit juice. Heres one with both.
July 1961

Gourmet’s Champagne Punch

This festive Champagne punch is the perfect wedding-party libation: It looks as beautiful as it tastes.
June 1959

Mi Rosa

Few drinks combine tequila and Champagne, but this gorgeous grown-up slushy makes it work.
October 1996

Peach in Champagne

One of our favorite drink recipes from the ’40s, this could be a precursor to the Bellini. Or its inspiration?
July 1948
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