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Holy Spirits

James Rodewald delivers the gospel on transcendent beers, wines, and liqueurs made by religious orders
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The Future of Georges Duboeuf

Ted Loos chats with Franck Duboeuf, the successor to the man who put Beaujolais on the map, and suggests seven Duboeuf wines to try, all for $20 or less

Tuscan Porterhouse Steak with Red Wine-Peppercorn Jus

A porterhouse is the perfect steak for two to share because it contains good-sized portions of two of the most prized muscles in a steer.
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The Drinks Issue

We’re raising a toast to wine, cocktails, and even coffee—with a chaser of bartenders’ hangover cures
food + cooking

Exploring the Anderson Valley

Ted Loos wines his way through the California region you’ve got to get to know
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: The Meaning of Gourmet

Food historian Megan Elias digs through the archives and discovers the word gourmet has had multiple definitions, but always one true meaning
adventures with ruth

White Wine Steamed Clams

October 2009
food politics

Wine, War, and Global Warming

What does it take to make people care about climate change? In France and the U.S., very different kinds of arguments.
wine + spirits + beer

Drinking in a Foreign Language

On German wine shops, first-time awkwardness, and falling in love.
food + cooking

My Day on a Plate: Kyle MacLachlan

From Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks to Orson Hodge on Desperate Housewives, Kyle MacLachlan has played some of American television’s most memorable—and eccentric—characters....
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