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10 Questions for José Andrés

The legendary Spanish chef talks about his restaurants, his charitable organization, and how Harvard, mayonnaise, and the future of food all intertwine
food + cooking

Chefs' Signature Dishes

Take a visual tour of the culinary creations that have become synonymous with some of the world's top toques—recipes included.
food + cooking

The Craft of Cabrales

Spanish cheesemaker and shepherd José Bada describes his rare, ancestral art to Lisa Abend, and cubicle dwellers everywhere sigh with envy
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Spain’s Star-Studded Restaurant

Chef Paco Morales is just one of the celebrities behind a new getaway near the Mediterranean.
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Restaurants Now: Garden at the Cellar, Abattoir, Raspa & Wine

This week’s roundup includes a terrific new menu at a Boston-area standby, Anne Quatrano’s latest venture in Atlanta, and a great spot to drink away your sorrows when you can’t get a...
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Restaurants Now: Raspa & Wine

(SPAIN) - Since late spring, there’s been an added attraction: The hotel bar has been renamed Raspa & Wine, outfitted with new furnishings, and given an irresistible new menu of, as we say in the States, “little plates.”...
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Chaos at El Bulli

Not one to rest on his laurels, chef Ferran Adrià makes a sea change.
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Eneko Atxa’s Ocean on a Plate

One chef’s molecular gastronomy is as tasty as a day at the beach.
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Spanish Wine, French Price Tag

Spain is full of great-value wines, but there’s also the occasional overpriced bottle from a little-known region.

A World Away

In the hardscrabble landscape of Spain’s Extremadura region, food nourishes the soul like a homegrown religion.
March 2009
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