Bacon-Cheddar Burgers with Caramelized Onions

In our never-ending quest for the best burger, we think we've hit on an outstanding version that requires nothing more than a trip to the supermarket and a short sojourn in the freezer for the bacon....

Bacon and Potato Frittata

Consider this recipe as a loose template to be altered according to what you’ve got lying around. You can substitute cooked pasta and rice for the potatoes, and cooked greens for the raw. Play around...
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Grass-Fed Beef Meatloaf in a Bacon Blanket

From a Gourmet Live TV Dinner Menu, Recipe by Kemp Minifie
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Tray Chic: Recipes for a 21st-Century TV Dinner

The crinkly-foil classic is way better in reruns. Dig in to Kemp Minifie’s new menu of grass-fed beef meatloaf with bacon, killer brownies, and more
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How to Make the Ultimate Holiday Breakfast

Kemp Minifie’s delicious tips and time-savers will delight the whole family, cook(s) included
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Gourmet Live: Extreme Home Charcuterie

When she agreed to tie the knot, Lise Funderburg didn’t mean the one at the end of the soppressata. Life with a sausage maker, from bacon curing to venison sawing

Bacon and Cheddar Toasts

These toasts have been served for at least 28 years at the house where my mother still lives.
May 2004

Endive, Stilton, and Bacon Salad

This salad yields generous portions. Combined with a loaf of crusty bread, it's easily a meal in itself.
November 1999
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