Ramsay Narrows it Down


Limehouse Basin falls along a slow bend in the Thames halfway between London’s two main business districts—The City and Canary Wharf—and Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow, his first gastropub (a second opens in London’s Maida Vale this fall) is firmly aimed at the suits. The menu is reminiscent of mid-20th-century boarding school staples, with working class dishes like faggot (in Britain, a meatball made of organ meats such as liver, pork scraps, etc.), here served in the traditional way with peas and gravy; bar snacks include pork scratchings (deep-fried pork skin), and pickled cockles. The food is straight-forward, albeit done with a lot more skill and care. It’s already the most crowded gastropub in London, so book well ahead.

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