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“Nutella” Soil

Makesabout 2 cups (garnish for desserts)
  • Active time:20 min
  • Start to finish:20 min (includes making “nutella”)
April 2008
The ease of this recipe really is shocking. In five minutes, you’ll have a dessert garnish that’s going to blow your guests’ minds. But don’t save it just for dinner parties: The powder is great on toast, dusted over cakes, sprinkled over ice cream—anything. And because the maltodextrin technique works with any fat, make sure you break out the olive oil and bacon drippings and start experimenting with your own creations. Watch Goldfarb demontrate how tapioca maltodextrin can turn a homemade chocolate-praline spread spread into “Nutella” Soil.
  • Equipment:

    a gram scale
  • Put tapioca maltodextrin powder in a large bowl. Add “nutella” and slowly whisk together until a light, granular “soil” forms.
Cooks’ note: Store-bought Nutella is not recommended for this recipe.
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