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Community Cafés

When your town doesn’t even have a post office or a gas station, you find other ways to come together.
food + cooking

A Sacramental Meal

It’s not fancy, but for a remote New Mexican village, this restorative feast embodies the holiday spirit.
food + cooking

Soul Bread

When the simplest of loaves is made with deep care and commitment, you can live on bread alone.
food + cooking

When Plums are Right

Luscious, juicy, and sweet: The gold standard of plums is far better than anything you’d find at a store.
food + cooking

A Purepechan Stew

This calm soup is measured solely by instinct, unhurried, not worried over, and somehow just right.
food + cooking

More Cooking in Clay: This Time, the Oven

Foods cooked long and slow in a traditional horno exude a fragrant blend of earth, ash, adobe, and fire—the essence of New Mexico.
food + cooking

The Magic of Mica

When is an ingredient not an ingredient? When it’s a micaceous clay pot—a traditional Southwestern cooking vessel that improves the character of any food.

Red Chile Colorado (Chile Colorado)

Deborah Madison likes to say the sauce is to New Mexico what pesto is to Liguria—it’s everywhere.
December 2000

Frisée,Watercress, and Mint Salad

Salad brightened with mint.
December 2000
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