1960s Archive


The Lost Waltz

At Demel's, the pastry is nearly perfect, the waitresses are "abbesses," and a count would never be mistaken for a duke.
October 1967

The Garlic War

"The Garlic War" arrived "over the transom" in the time-honored manner of unsolicited manuscripts. The editors recognized Annie Proulx's gifts and published the piece.
February 1964

A Decade of Vintages: 1952-1962

Never before has there been such a remarkable succession of good vintages and bountiful harvests since World War II.
January 1964

Spécialités de la Maison: The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar has a good selection of steaks and chops, but it was precisely the seafood that interested me.
March 1963

A Decade of Vintages: 1950-1960

Of the many diverse pleasures which wine-drinking affords, one of the most singular is the extent to which it permits us to recapture and relive the past.
April 1961

The Bordeaux Appellations

They have left behind them, inscribed on French wine labels, these two extraordinarily important words “Appellation Contrôlée”.
May 1960
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