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Gourmet Today: How to Make Oven-Fried Panko Chicken

Executive editor John “Doc” Willoughby demonstrates this easy recipe from our new cookbook, Gourmet Today. It’s a terrific choice for an easy family dinner or casual entertaining....

Oven-Fried Panko Chicken

For those with a fear of frying, this oven method produces moist, flavorful meat and all of the requisite crunch.
October 2009
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Hallo Berlin! Part One

Yes, there are the museums and the galleries and the nightclubs, but what’s most exciting about Berlin is the sense of openness and what is possible.
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The Test Kitchen: How to Poach and Shred Chicken

Executive food editor Kemp M. Minifie shares her two favorite techniques for making perfect chicken salad.

Chicken Spice Rub

This homemade rub is quicker than a marinade and more powerful than a store-bought blend.
June 2009
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The Test Kitchen: How to Carve a Roast Chicken

Food editor Kay Chun demonstrates how to carve a whole roast chicken—a task she recommends doing in the kitchen before serving the pieces to guests on a platter.
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The Test Kitchen: How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken

Food editor Ian Knauer demonstrates easy, indispensable tips to help you cut perfect chicken pieces every time.
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The Life of a Recipe: Gorgonzola Chicken

It often takes several attempts before our cooks perfect a given recipe. Watch as food editor Andrea Albin goes through the process of developing her recipe for Gorgonzola-stuffed chicken breasts....

‘Leaping Frog’ Chicken: A Little Flattening Goes A Long Way

Get the most out of chicken by opening it up and flattening it on the grill. It cooks quickly and stays moist and juicy.
June 2009

Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings

Ideal for a picnic, these sesame-speckled chicken wings are so good, you’ll be happy to lick your fingers clean.
May 2006
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