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Cooking Schools: Philipkutty’s Farm

Philipkutty’s Farm, a family-owned “homestay,” occupies an obscure island off India’s southwestern flank—which, in a more romantic era, was named the Malabar Coast....
May 2008

Cooking Schools: Tellicherry Pepper

I’d traveled halfway around the world to learn about the rich, complex cuisine of the Mappilas (Muslims) in this isolated part of southwestern India.
May 2008
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Classic Cookbooks: Mastering the Art of French Cooking

The fact that Mastering the Art of French Cooking—a great, eternal gift to American home cooks—got published at all is a miracle.
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Classic Cookbooks: More Home Cooking

Laurie Colwin’s recipes had a way of working themselves into my repertoire: the three chocolate cakes; tomato pie; the rosemary walnuts that fueled many parties.
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Shards of Sound: An Edna Lewis Oral History

"Never throw away your old tapes," said Davia Nelson, who with Nikki Silva comprises NPR's Kitchen Sisters.

Kitchen Notebook: Think Big

Thanksgiving for a large crowd means two small turkeys or one huge bird. If you want to serve drama along with all the trimmings, go for the latter.
November 2008
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Kitchen Notebook: Bonus Section

Dried chiles, with their concentrated, complex flavors and aromas, are what give much of Latin cooking—especially in Mexico—its depth.
September 2007
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Classic Cookbooks: Simple French Food

Part of my education was the discovery that simplicity can mean perfection or harmony in a dish rather than ease of preparation.
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Cornering the Market? Well, Not Exactly

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Classic Cookbooks: Charleston Receipts

Unlike so many of the community cookbooks that are published today, Charleston Receipts reflects a real sense of place and time.