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Sweden's Single-Cow Cheese

PM & Vänner is serving a delicacy with a very precise pedigree, Lisa Abend reports
food + cooking

Say "Cheese!"

We're feasting on fromage with the story of a very unusual dairy cow, a cheese-tasting party primer, tips for making easy, cheesy homemade pizza, and a guide to seven standout cheese shops...
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The Craft of Cabrales

Spanish cheesemaker and shepherd José Bada describes his rare, ancestral art to Lisa Abend, and cubicle dwellers everywhere sigh with envy
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Spain’s Star-Studded Restaurant

Chef Paco Morales is just one of the celebrities behind a new getaway near the Mediterranean.
chefs + restaurants

The Truth About Adria’s New Pizza Place? It Isn’t True

For the star chef at El Bulli, false rumors take on a life of their own.
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Restaurants Now: Estado Puro

(MADRID) - Estado Puro translates as “pure state,” which gives you an idea of what Paco Roncero is up to—as long as you believe that the pure state of, say, salt cod is to be rolled into chestnut-sized balls and deep-fried to a...
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Eneko Atxa’s Ocean on a Plate

One chef’s molecular gastronomy is as tasty as a day at the beach.

A World Away

In the hardscrabble landscape of Spain’s Extremadura region, food nourishes the soul like a homegrown religion.
March 2009
travel + culture

Madrid Goes Kosher

It took 500 years to find a good Sephardic restaurant in the Spanish capital—but who’s counting?
chefs + restaurants

Madrid Fusion: The Power of Scent

The aromas of wave-washed rocks and burning cinnamon sticks may be coming soon to a meal near you.
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