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adventures with ruth

Skillet Mussels

October 2009
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Restaurants Now: Tavern Law

(Seattle) — Pouring everything from fizzes to flips, this brand-new speakeasy keeps the focus on good, old-fashioned liquids.
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Cooking Asian Food at Home

Why don’t more people try their hand at Asian cuisine? It might have something to do with high school French class.
chefs + restaurants

Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in Seattle

From hot dogs to Thai food to tacos of all (well, at least two) nations, you don’t need to step indoors to have lunch or dinner covered.
adventures with ruth

About Jon Rowley’s Seattle

An exclusive video from Episode 2: Jon Rowley’s Seattle.
adventures with ruth

Jon Rowley’s Seattle

Join Ruth, fish expert Jon Rowley, and actor Tom Skerritt as they explore the seafood of Seattle.
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Fried Chicken Worth Stripping For

My first experience with Korean fried chicken brought out the animal—or was it the baby?—in me.
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Hi-Chew: Better than a Real Mango?

This Japanese candy captures the true flavor of the tropical fruit.
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Tour de Herb

The best way to honor the life of a favorite uncle? A tour of the places where he most liked to eat.
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