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Things We Love: Daniel Humm's Foie Gras Creme Brulee

In New York, the case against foie gras has begun to pick up steam.
chefs + restaurants

Dessert Bars: Alan's Take

Let's be clear: There is nothing wrong with dessert. There is something wrong with dessert bars.
chefs + restaurants

Seeing Stars…and Then More Stars

When it was announced last year that Michelin would be publishing a guide to New York restaurants, people went into hissy fits.
chefs + restaurants

Science Chefs: Alan's Take

When you try wd~50's monkfish liver with persimmon and smoked green tea, you realize you weren’t quite that prepared.
chefs + restaurants

Mason Makes an Impression

There's a certain sameness to chefs' live cooking demos. But not when Sam Mason, the former pastry chef at Manhattan's wd~50, stands behind the counter.
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Ketchup Conundrum

You have to give ketchup its due. Anything that can make both scrambled eggs and hamburgers taste better is working a certain amount of mojo.
food + cooking

Tools of the Trade

One commercial appliance is worth the money. Once you use a Vita-Prep, once you feel the full 37,000 RPM at your disposal, you will understand.
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Champing at the Bit

Can a horse be dinner? For some, the answer yes. For others, the idea of eating Seabiscuit can be off-putting.
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