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The Truth About Adria’s New Pizza Place? It Isn’t True

For the star chef at El Bulli, false rumors take on a life of their own.
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Back to Basics in Chicago

There’s a fresh new breeze blowing through restaurants in the Windy City—and it’s leaving very little in its wake.
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The French Are Coming

Some of the greatest young culinary talents in France will invade the U.S. this fall—many for the very first time—to cook in a few select New York restaurants.
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My Day on a Plate: Jacques Pépin

As part of a continuing series, Jacques Pépin—former chef to Charles de Gaulle, dean at the French Culinary Institute, renowned pétanque shark, and America’s favorite food personality...
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Black-Garlic Magic

These sweet, fermented cloves add depth to any dish—even desserts.
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The New Marxism in France

With an iconoclastic philosophy and serious culinary chops, Thierry Marx is a chef who likes to upset the apple cart.
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The Chef, The ShamWow, and the Infotainer

Paul Liebrandt might be the best chef in New York. But can he take on the greatest salesman in America?
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Ketchup Contemplated

My relationship with America’s favorite condiment is long and complicated—and so, for that matter, is ketchup’s culinary history.
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Chaos at El Bulli

Not one to rest on his laurels, chef Ferran Adrià makes a sea change.
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Chris Bianco’s Pizza Philosophy

For the chef-owner of Phoenix’s famed Pizzeria Bianco, making pies offers a measure of control over the universe—but not so much that things get boring.
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