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kemp minifie

food + cooking

To Decant or Not to Decant?

Do wines really need a special vessel for breathing? We asked sommeliers, winemakers, and other wine experts to weigh in on the pros and cons of decanting—the verdict may surprise you...
food + cooking

The Painterly Work of Paul Grimes

A portrait of the artist as a food stylist, by a longtime colleague, Gourmet Live's Kemp Minifie
food + cooking

Salted Water for Boiling

Former Gourmet magazine food editor—and current Gourmet Live senior editor—Kemp Minifie explores the passion, contention, and most of all, humor, surrounding the simplest recipe ever associated with the magazine...
food + cooking

Julia Child and Me

Former food editor of Gourmet magazine Sally Darr recounts a food-filled friendship, from Darr's New York City restaurant, La Tulipe, to Child's Provence retreat, La Pitchoune. Enjoy two related original recipes, Chicken Roasted with Garlic Cloves and Soupe Au Pistou ...
food + cooking

In the Kitchen with Master Chefs Julia Child and Jacques Pépin

Watch Julia and Jacques as they make soufflés, stuffed mushrooms, roasted chicken, and ostrich-egg omelets
food + cooking

10 Questions for Laura Shapiro

Americans should just slow down and learn to cook, the renowned food historian and author tells Gourmet Live's Kemp Minifie

Kemp’s Timeless Favorites

Think of this as your little black book of essential recipes to keep in your back pocket for those times you need a surefire winner. You’re covered from starters to desserts....

Brussels Sprout Slaw

The miniature scale of Brussels sprouts makes them the perfect choice for a finely shredded lemony slaw to top the sliders. The freshness of the sprouts along with the little hit of acid in the dressing helps balance the rich flavor of the barbecue turkey....

Macaroni and Cheese

Consider this the ultimate mac and cheese: Buttery, Parmesan-flecked bread crumbs create a blanket of crisp contrast to the perfect union of pasta and a creamy, Cheddar-stoked sauce. Make it stripped-down...
food + cooking

When Mom's KISS means: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Kemp Minifie details her 32-year journey to discovering simplicity in the Gourmet kitchens