Kelly Senyei

food + cooking

10 Questions For NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon

Kelly Senyei fastens her seat belt for a candid chat with the racing legend and father of two as he goes high speed into winemaking
food + cooking

A Meal at the Playboy Mansion

At Hugh Hefner’s so-famous-it’s-infamous estate, Kelly Senyei peeks behind closed (kitchen) doors and digs into Hef’s favorite dish (surprise: it’s lamb, not bunny)...
food + cooking

10 Questions for Kathy and Maggie Griffin

Kelly Senyei caught up with one of Hollywood’s best-known mother-daughter duos to talk signature dishes, Mother’s Day gifts, and the secret family recipe for spinach rollups ...
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: A Bite With Julianne Moore

Kelly Senyei shares the scoop on the Oscar-nominated star’s off-screen life, including family meals and her work with Mario Batali
food + cooking

Gourmet Live: Kitchen Traumas

Gory slips and sensible tips from Gourmet Live staffer and trained chef Kelly Senyei
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