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Where Cooking is Culture

Alice Waters has been dreaming about a cooking school for more than 30 years—an idea whose time has finally come.
food + cooking

The Long Goodbye

A decade ago, food books were relentlessly upbeat. But in the last few years we've seen a rash of gloom-and-doom volumes.
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From the Ground Up, In New Orleans

In New Orleans during Katrina two years ago, more than a foot of floodwater inundated the schoolyard at the Green Charter School.
food politics

How Now, Straus Cow?

Straus Family Creamery, became the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi when it converted, in 1993, to the sustainable model it is today.
food politics

No More Rubber Chickens

Bad news for those of you who have ever wondered if meat labeled "organic" on a menu really is.
food politics

To Eat or Not to Eat—Everything

Over more than a decade in China, I have eaten insects, rabbit heads, and dog meat. But these days I'm clouded by ethical and environmental issues.
food politics

Champing at the Bit

Can a horse be dinner? For some, the answer yes. For others, the idea of eating Seabiscuit can be off-putting.

No Place Like Home

In Kansas, where cattle are grown on industrial megafarms, rancher Nancy Vogelsberg-Busch keeps it small, local, and organic.
July 2004

Back on the Farm

Making the most of your ingredients is one thing. But at Blue Hill restaurant, actually making the ingredients is something else entirely.
July 2004

Fast Forward to the Past

From a small village in northern Italy, Elena Rovera is leading a mini-movement that could be a model for others around the world.
April 2003
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