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food politics

One More Reason to Eat Organic

Exposure to pesticides can dramatically increase your chances of getting Parkinson's disease, according to a recently published paper.
food politics

Let Them Eat Cake

Cake, cookies, candy bars and even Tater Tots are the high-calorie human foods that are fattening hogs and cattle.
food politics

Cannibal Rice

Cannibal rice is what Greenpeace calls the genetically engineered rice that the USDA recently approved for field trials.
food politics

Seeing Red

Pre-packed styrofoam tubs of meat have been gassed with carbon monoxide, according to Food and Water Watch.
food politics

Floating Feedlots

Bush's National Offshore Aquaculture Act, which died without being passed in the last Congress, has bobbed to the surface again.
food politics

Cloning Around

The FDA seems hell-bent on approving cloned animals for use in our food supply, despite concerns expressed by watch dog groups.
food politics

Hog Wild

Pork production has its place in agricultural legislation. But lawmakers should concern themselves with swine that have curly tails, not those sporting Armani suits.
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