favorite cocktails: bourbon


Apricot Toddy

One of the only cocktails we know of that’s made with a dried-fruit-infused spirit.
February 1986

Bourbon Sloe Gin Cocktail

A blender drink unlike any other, and an image-changer for sloe gin: It’s not just for embarrassingly named cocktails.
August 1981

Beau Fashion

An Old Fashioned variant made grander with the addition of Grand Marnier.
May 1997

Mint Julep

Of course the bourbon matters, but there are few drinks where the ice is so critical.
May 1983

Kaffeeklatsch Punch

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up, sometimes you need help relaxing. This drink can go both ways.
June 1969

Ward 8 Cocktail

Essentially a whiskey sour with a dash of grenadine, we like this one better with rye, but bourbon’s good, too.
October 1962

Dunham Cooler

Orange juice tends to dominate whatever spirit it’s mixed with, but here the bourbon actually stands up to it.
July 1952

Ski Lift

Après ski, or anytime there’s a nip in the air, this citrusy hot toddy—made with bourbon or rye—will warm you up.
November 1955

Whisky Sour

Another of our favorite drink recipes from the ’40s, its a bar benchmark, a bit like roast chicken at a French bistro.
November 1946
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