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Rhubarb + Mustard seeds = Rhubarb mustard

I’d never seen this equation before, but it’s a good one.

London Fog

The “fog” refers to the way the Pernod turns translucent, but it will also apply to your head if you have too many of them.
May 1969

Pisco Sour La Fonda del Sol

The restaurant’s menu listed this cocktail as a “Pisco Sawer. ” By any name, it’s delicious.
April 1964
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The Middle Way

Stretching the repertoire of spinach is just a matter of following as many traditions as possible.
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Arugula: Rocket Ship to Flavor

The peppery slap of this early-spring green is the perfect way to wake up the palate after a long winter of grains and braised meat.
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The Ramp Hunter’s Best Friend

If it’s fresh ramps you’re after, grab a dog and take a walk in the woods.

Coconut Punch

The presentation may be unusual, but this rum, coconut milk, and lime cocktail will transport you to the tropics.
March 1957

Ramos Fizz

This drink is all about texture, which is why it’s such a pain to make—it requires a full five minutes of vigorous shaking.
April 1952
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Exhaling at Last

It seemed like winter would never end. Then the Greenmarket burst into spring.

One Fine Day

Every spring, we fall in love with fresh flavors. From the first bite of a miraculously good mozzarella salad dotted with farro and basil to the last crumb of a lemony cake decorated with shimmering candied...
April 2009
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